Thursday, 17 September 2015

In the picture I saw this calm person out of nowhere  there was this terrifying dangerous and famous crocodile with this strong guy on a boat and he didn't look scared Also I think that was his pet.

the bull chase

Once there was a man he was diving down in the ocean and then there was A furious  and terrifying bull! the man looked was shocked And the people looked surprised and frightened.Also the fearless bull leaped

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

On Monday pt England had cross country.We had our cross country after an early lunch and then we went out to play then we had to go and sit down on the hard and heavy concrete.
first we had to go and sit on the hard concrete.It was saw because had to sit on the very

Some of it went in owner until it got up to the year 5 boys then the year 7 boys then the year 5 girls then the year 7 girls then the year 6 boys then the year 8 boys then the year  6 girls then the year 8 girls but then the years 7 and 8 had to do it twice.