Thursday, 23 April 2015

In the holidays I went to the Museum with my Mum, Dad and Brother.Some people at Museum came to us and side “you are not allowed to touch any items”.3 day later we went to parakai.At parakai we went on the hydro-slide, hot pools and the out side pools.Then we went to go and get a ice-cream it was so nice becuaes I got to go get a rainbow, boysenberry, hockey pokey and Chocolate flavoured ice-cream.Then we went back home to have a sleep so we can go to town and play timezone, bowing.

On the hydro-slide when I went down the slide and when you get up to the swirling parts the water goes up and back down then when you get down to the bottom you fall into this little pool.At the the outside pool you can boom, dive and v-boom.

I enjoy it because my favourite thing was going on the hydro-slide.what is yous?

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