Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Jack and the beanstalk (unknown version)

Once upon a time there was a little but clever boy. His name was Jack. One day his mother asked him if he can  go to the town to get some bread for dinner, so he did and he also took his cow with him.

But as Jack was traveling through the woods their was two people sitting on a stump. Jack asked “if they wanted to go for a walk to the town”. The two people were thieves Jack never knew that they were thieves until he reached the front of the town.

Jack was trying so hard to play it cool. their names were Jeff and Jake. Jack went to the bakery to loaf of bread.
The thieves offered the cow for magic beans.

When Jack got home he came home with no cow only magic beans and bread. His mum through the beans outside. The next day Jack heard a loud noise coming from outside.

Jack climbed the beanstalk. It took him hours to climb the beanstalk because it just kept towering up.

At last Jack was at the top. He found a whole heap of giant coins towing up to the sealing. He never knew that there was a giant up on the top stairs crying his head off. Without a sound he went back down the beanstalk and left the giant. But he ues a giant leaf to get back down

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