Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Narrative Practice: Camping

One day there was a boy named Jeff.He went to a forest with his Mum, Dad and Brother.They took some supplies and some playing equipment. As soon as they got there they were TERRIFIED.They heard so much spooky sounds.

When they found a spot they put their staff down.Jeff went to go and play with the playing equipment. Jeff found a ball and kicked it the ball as high as he could. But when he kicked the ball it landed on a spiky rock.Then popped and blew away.Then he went running after the ball. But the ball blew away to another family.when He found the ball it was by a family different family.

Jeff asked the person who looked like the dad“are you guys ok?” Jeff said the dad said “no because we don’t have any food”. Then Jeff said “come with me to my family we’ll give you guys some food”.

But when he got back his family was surowed by zombies. As soon as Jeff saw he said “hey just get some playing equipment and through it at them and when you guys are finished we should GO”!

this is the end

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