Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Kawau Island

On Tuesday me and my Mum went to Pt england school. Then we got to the school we had to put the bags onto the bus. After that we to line up to go into the bus. When we got to the fairy site we got to have morning tea but the worst part was we had to take the bags off the bus and put them onto the ferry.

When we got to Camp Bentzon we had to drop our off bags. After that we had lunch. Next we went for a hike down steep Hills and up hills. The hike was very tiring, my legs were dying, because of all of the up hills and the stopping between the steep hills. Then after woods We had stuff like free time and dinner.

The next day
The next day we woke up Then we had to go for another hike up the hill (killa hill) and we had to do that for the rest of the week. When we came back we got to line up in our team line and have breakfast. We had Weet-Bix, rices, cornflakes, peaches and spaghetti on toast for breakfast and much more yummier staff for Dinner and lunch.

The activities we had to do were the burma trail, kayaking, abseiling and seiling. We needed to use a life jacket and a harness. But my Favorite thing to do was seiling. Because the water was splashing on my clothes.

When we were Finished the activities. We had to clean up the cabins. When we got to have free time. Then we had to take off our bags lay on the deck.

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