Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Bush

The Bush

One night two people which were a Adam and Carlos explore The Bush. Then suddenly they saw something in The Bush Adam said “wwwwhat’s in there” but it was only a sheep. So then they started walking again and adam stepped on a leaf and said “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. And just kept walking then they heard something else in the The Bush carlos “wwwwhat’s in there” but really it was a dear. Then just continued walking but last Adam or carlos stepped on something.

Then carlos stepped on a stick and said “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa “  as well. They felt something on there back. And it felt like a hand or a spider crawling up his. Then ran like the flash to get away from jason.but when they were running for their lives they lost each other in the The Bush and cod not get back to each other in the The Bush

Then they kept on going around in circles. Then found each other in the morning and did not die from jason the killer.

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